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    Set design, development, manufacturing as one of professional manufacturer of stone machinery and equipment!

    Enterprise Culture


    Core Values
    Quality + service + attitude = brand
    ★ the quality is of the same flesh and blood  
    ★ service is blood
    ★ Attitude is food  
    ★ brand is the life
    1. Enterprise mission: Committed to reforming machinery industry problems and realizing the rationalization of problem solving.
    2. Corporate vision: learn from the industry's first-line brands and serve more customers.
    3. Enterprise spirit: Serve customers with sincerity, and achieve yourself with quality.
    4. Marketing concept: Improving quality is the best way to reduce prices.
    5. Service concept: do a good job of customer needs and solve customer requirements.
    6. Jiehong characteristics: learning, persistence, problem-solving, truth-seeking, hard work, dare to create.