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    Set design, development, manufacturing as one of professional manufacturer of stone machinery and equipment!
    PRODUCTS > Stone Cutting Machine > JHM-400/600 Manual Edge Cutting Machine

    JHM-400/600 Manual Edge Cutting Machine

    The machine uses jointed structure,the main head can rotate 45°,and be electrically moving up and sown.the whole machine has compact structure, stable functions and high cutting precision.
    Max. Processing Size (L*W*H)  (mm)3000*1100*653000*1100*65
    Diameter of  Blade (mm)350-400600
    Blade Roating Degree (°)0-450-45
    Main Motor Power (kw)1115
    Water Consumption (m3/h)22
    Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm)4800*2200*17004800*2200*1700
    Weight (kg)25002700